Let’s hope this is the best Pilgrimage ever

Published 8:01 pm Friday, March 5, 2021

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The City of Natchez has made it through some massive issues in the last year — double hurricanes, murder hornets and a coronavirus no one will ever forget.

Who knew that something as small as a virus could have such an astronomical impact on the entire world? Still, Natchez has survived.

In celebration of the year we hope is never repeated, we can all enjoy Spring Pilgrimage, which begins Saturday, March 13.

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Three museum houses and 10 privately-owned homes are on tour for Spring Pilgrimage, which lasts through April 13.

According to Natchez Pilgrimage Tours’ Eugenie Cates, online ticket sales are already better than those of 2019 before the word “pandemic” was at the forefront of every traveler’s attention.

More than 3,000 tickets to Natchez houses are already in the hands of people who plan to visit during Pilgrimage.

This year, Natchez has the opportunity to bounce back from everything that has held us down in the past 12 months.

Many people have waited an entire year to leave their homes and do something again in public. There is perhaps no place more eager to receive those travelers than the hospitality city on the river known as Natchez.

While we continue to be cautious, wear our masks and social distance, let’s hope this Spring Pilgrimage is twice what it was before and make up for lost time.

We cannot wait to see tourists again walking the streets of Natchez.