Enjoy a dash of hope with Easter pudding

Published 6:30 pm Friday, April 2, 2021

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My, what a glorious day it is to those of the Christian faith.

Today is the day we celebrate the day Jesus Christ was resurrected from the grave so that all who know him can be at peace knowing that, one day, we too can experience eternal life and salvation through him.

After many of us have experienced loss and heartache this year, we could all use a healthy dose of hope that comes with believing that Jesus has risen and that we may one day see our loved ones again.

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Whether you celebrate Easter by stuffing baskets with plastic eggs full of candy or you wake up at sunrise to hear gospel music at your home church, remember to celebrate it with people you love.

If you or your loved ones are vulnerable to COVID-19 and it is still not safe for you see each other in person, don’t forget to call them up or use face time.

If this past year has taught us anything, it is that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Rev. Eugene Prater, the pastor of New Life Apostolic Church on Fatherland Road and administrator at Glenburney Health Care Center, said he spent all of last month in the hospital after having a bad experience with COVID-19.

Prater said it was his family, friends and congregation praying for him that helped him fight for his life.

Millions didn’t make it, but Prater survived and is using the time that God gave him to spend with his mother and newborn granddaughter.

He is also using his time to remind those who are well to get vaccinated and those who are sick or have a sick loved one not to give up hope and to put their faith in Jesus.

That is an appropriate message for this holiday. Happy Easter!