Prince Ibrahim story to presented in Black History Month program at NAPAC museum

Published 7:24 am Monday, January 31, 2022

NATCHEZ — In recognition of Black History Month, author and local historian Jeremy Houston will give his popular presentation on the life of Prince Abdul Rahman Ibrahim at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 4 at the Natchez Museum of African American History and Culture. The program, which is free to the public, is titled, “Isabella and the Prince: ‘Overcoming Struggles Through Courage & Faith.’”

Houston will be dressed in period clothes as he does a reenactment of Ibrahim’s life story. He will be joined by Carl Patrick Burrowes, retired humanities professor and university administrator. Burrowes, who is also the executive director of Know Your Self Press, will present a lecture on Ibrahim following Houston’s reenactment.

Houston said the Black History program is sponsored by the Mississippi Humanities Council and Aftershock Inc. Houston is a member of the MHC Speaker’s Bureau

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Ibrahim was a West African Prince before he was enslaved on a Mississippi plantation in Adams County. Houston, who owns Miss-Lou Heritage Group and Tours, said Ibrahim’s life “is a powerful story of love, dedication, and the plight to freedom.”

His reenactment of the Prince’s life will help people to look back in time to Ibrahim and his wife, Isabella, during their enslavement, he said. Houston adds: “’Isabella and the Prince’ serves as an examination of the Prince’s life in Natchez, covering economic, political, social and cultural aspects of enslaved persons’ lives at the time.’”

Mimi Miller, executive director emerita of Historic Natchez Foundation, said he does a fine presentation on Ibraham, which is sure to engender discussion on African enslavement.

“Jeremy did some fine original research on Natchez African American history,” Miller said. “It was always fun to have him in the office and exchange information. He was invaluable for sharing his research with Historic Natchez Foundation.”

Miller said Houston was very good tour guide, and he endeared himself to many.

For more information, contact Jeremy Houston, owner of Miss Lou Heritage Group & Tours, at (601) 597-2112 or