Blanton’s athleticism makes him an attractive recruit

Published 10:22 am Tuesday, October 11, 2022

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Blanton has been making headlines recently and thus drawing the attention of multitudes. The Natchez senior is a wide receiver who has drawn interest from many institutions. He was in Memphis not long ago and plans to see Ole Miss take on Kentucky this weekend.

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Damarco Blanton just visited the University of Memphis and is looking forward to seeing Ole Miss this next weekend. Blanton has played basketball, baseball, and football ever since he was a kid. At one time, basketball was his favorite sport, but as he got older, he switched to football.

How has Blanton Performed at Natchez

Blanton has been a great performer at Natchez. He has put up some great numbers and helped his team to victory.


Blanton has been a key contributor for the Natchez this season, scoring a score on a punt return of 60 yards against Wilkinson County. He scored the game-winning touchdown with a diving grab from beyond the end zone in a contest against Jefferson County.


Natchez’s head coach, Steven Davis, praised the efforts of Blanton, Mike Williams, and Treylon Minor, all of whom are seniors, saying that they have consistently given their all this season. After beating Wilkinson County on opening night, Blanton declared the new head coach was altering the culture, and the players believed him.

What does Blanton’s Coach think of his sports?

Terry has known Blanton since he was a member of the Natchez Falcons’ roster and currently serves as Blanton’s coach.


Terry said he was pleased with Blanton’s progress and that he has received offers from universities. He was going to be sent to Ole Miss as soon as possible. Blanton was unique, Terry said, since he also performed well academically. Terry went on to say that Blanton’s outstanding performance has allowed him to form relationships with both players and coaches at Memphis.

What makes Blanton an attractive recruitment target?

Blanton is an attractive recruitment target because of his speed and playmaking ability. He has been chiefly likened to Percy Harvin, who once played at Florida.


Recent conversations have also shown that Blanton is highly disciplined. For instance, he is quoted saying that he loved Coach Davis for his efficiency and how he has brought significant change in the team’s culture.

Blanton is a unique player with unique abilities, and therefore we project that he will continue drawing the attention of many in the future.