Letters to the Editor

Plenty of questions remain in hospital sale

The Aug. 10 article in The Natchez Democrat with the headline, “In Natchez Regional Medical Center deal, Adams County is left…Needing a cash infusion,” seemed ... Read more | Add your comment

Our long lost heroines of World War II

Dec. 7, 1941, a day that has gone down in infamy. Read more | Add your comment

School board vote needs justification

Our city fathers seem to be all thrust and no rudder. Read more | Add your comment

School district should not join lawsuit

There is currently a move afoot to sue the State of Mississippi for the $1.5 billion that school districts have been shorted since 2008. While ... Read more | Add your comment

Politics should stay out of board

I want to strongly state that I oppose an elected school board. Having an appointed school board works to put people with the proper educational ... Read more | Add your comment

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