Letters to the Editor

Farmers not bursting with fed. money

You should be ashamed to print such a biased “cartoon” of the Farm Bill as published Monday. Read more | Add your comment

NRMC staff delivers strong showing

First, I want everyone to know that our hospital is in good hands concerning our medical care. Emergency room doctors such as Dr. Calvin Poole, ... Read more | Add your comment

Super Bowl commercial promotes harmony

About 40 years ago, a Coke TV commercial touched me, and everybody I knew at the time, quite deeply. It featured about 100 worldwide nationalities ... Read more | Add your comment

Drug court should help with employment

Does the drug court have a program to assist those involved to find employment? It seems to me that they have little or no chance ... Read more | Add your comment

ACCS opens its doors to community

It is my pleasure to invite local students and their families to an all-school open house 5:30 to 8 p.m. Monday at Adams County Christian ... Read more | Add your comment

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