River can’t stop Lake St. John Flotilla

Published 12:05 am Sunday, May 29, 2011

Old Man River and the Lake St. John Flotilla just keep on rolling along.

Some felt the former might just be enough to keep the latter from happening this year, but wiser heads prevailed.

Several indignant lake folk informed us we must keep the fleet afloat.

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Thus, on Saturday, July 2, the flotilla will take place as originally scheduled on a slightly scaled-down format.

We hope by then that the river will have returned to its normal home and that people will have returned their boats to the lake. We all should be ready for some rest and recreation and have an especially wonderful Fourth of July weekend.

The major emphasis, as always, will be the Blessing of the Flotilla itself.

The Rev. Louis Sklar, pastor of St. Patrick Church, Ferriday, will again bless the boats as they pass slowly in front of the Stecklers’ pier.

There will be prizes awarded for decorations for two classes: large boats and small crafts. First prizes will be the coveted life rings. Gift certificates will be given to second and third place winners. The winners will be posted at Neely’s Spokane Resort. There are no prizes this year for pier decorations.

Registration will be $5 at Neely’s Spokane Resort, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, July 2.

Please note that registration is only necessary if owners are competing for prizes. Any boat may join the flotilla line to be blessed.

Boats should line up at the Lake St. John Grocery by 3 p.m. However, you may join the procession whenever it is convenient.

There will be a new T-shirt for sale as part of the fundraising effort. The shirts should be available by June 15 at Neely’s Spokane Resort, Lake St. John Grocery, Rami’s and the Tiki Hut.

Any profits from registration or T-shirt sales go to local charities.

Please, make plans to get your boat blessed July 2.

At least plan to come see the annual Blessing of the Lake St. John Flotilla. We expect our largest crowd ever.

Richard Alwood

flotilla committee member