Postal service, county can try solutions

Published 12:13 am Friday, August 19, 2011

I don’t profess to be a financial genius, but I have operated a budget before and cut expenses when necessary.

I’ve been reading about the U.S. Postal Service and the Adams County garbage losses recently and don’t understand all of the problems they say can’t be resolved.

First the postal service — they have been saying for years that they are going to close small post offices with low volume but haven’t. They say they are going to do away with Saturday delivery but haven’t.

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All they do to combat their rising debt is increase postage rates, which causes lower use of their services. Their customer service is a joke at most counters, they don’t seem to care how long the lines are and they won’t call for help or work at a faster pace.

Some of their rural carriers won’t get out of their vehicle to deliver mail but rather carry it back and deliver it the next day with a note that says “mailbox blocked.”

If there is a package that is too large for the box, they will sit in the driveway and honk the horn, and if no one is home or doesn’t hear the horn, they will will just take the package back to the office and leave a note to come pick up the package instead of leaving it at the door as UPS or Fed Ex does.

As for Adams County garbage — several years ago they went from two pickups a week to one, then all of a sudden they went back to two.

They never have figured out how to collect from those who refuse to pay anything for their garbage pickup.

These issues seem to me to be fairly easy to solve — maybe not.

I would propose going back to one pickup a week and increasing property taxes on property outside the city to cover the cost of garbage pickup and not worry about collecting for that service separately.

If a business in the county requires more pickups, then they should contract with the supplier separately and leave the county out of it all together.

I know there are a thousand reasons why the above won’t work, but nothing else seems to be working either, so why not try something?

Forest Persons

Natchez resident