There are two sides to every story

Published 12:09 am Sunday, September 18, 2011

I just obtained a video of the Adams County Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 6.

In that meeting, Misters Watts, Cox and Felter spent a good part of the meeting personally attacking me by name, for “harassing” the board and other public officials by asking for copies of documents from the county administrator, etc.

Watts read a letter from board attorney Bobby Cox to me, dated 8/22/11, demanding that I cease bothering administrator Joe Murray by asking him for “copies of documents you already have.”

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What Watts did not read is my hand-delivered response letter to Cox, dated 8/24/11, in which I told Cox that he must have misunderstood what Murray had told him because I had never asked Mr. Murray for a copy of anything, but had in fact only offered to bring him a (third) copy of a certain two-page document which the board had twice “lost” from its files. In my letter, I politely suggested that Cox talk to Murray so he could get his facts straight.

From what Watts and Cox said in the meeting, Cox did not do that, or did so but still assisted Watts in lying to the public. Watts, Cox and Felter spent a significant part of the meeting trying to depict me as some sort of “nutcase” who is “harassing” public officials for some unknown reason. Watts went on to make several other utterly false statements.

What is really of interest here is the following:

1. What exactly did Watts and Cox hope to accomplish by lengthily slandering me by placing utterly false allegations before the public? Why would they feel a need to do so? I well know the answer and in due time, so will the public.

2. Why did board president Darryl Grennell allow Watts and Cox to so deceive the public, when he knows or certainly should by now know the facts? My district supervisor also knows the facts and remained silent. I want to sincerely thank Misters Grennell and Lazarus for allowing the Watts-Cox presentation to continue uninterrupted so that it is now a matter of record.

3. Watts urged the board to authorize Cox to “obtain an injunction” to stop me from “harassing public officials and costing taxpayers thousands of dollars,” but he did not make a motion to do so. Perhaps it was because, although it would have been seconded by Felter, Cox has no vote and there had not been the slightest sign of support from Misters Grennell, Lazarus or Campbell. Perhaps it was also because Watts suspected that any judge would consider Watts’ idea ludicrous and would not sign an injunction denying the fundamental constitutional right of a citizen to contact public officials.

4. Mr. Felter has already been soundly defeated, and I am virtually certain that Watts will be, and then Mr. Cox will be replaced. From all I gather about the incoming supervisors, I am very optimistic. I believe Adams County will soon be served by people who will honor their oath of office to “faithfully support” the constitutions of Mississippi and our nation and “obey the laws thereof. So help me God.”

5. The sordid affair which occurred in the meeting of Tuesday, Sept. 6 was all about “the Dunbar Road affair” which began on Tuesday, June 3, 2008, when Mr. H.W. Barnett seized dominion over the platted and recorded southern right-of-way of Dunbar Road, stripping all of the timber and high embankment from some 300 feet of property which has rightfully been in the public domain for decades. He pushed the trees and embankment over onto his private property for use as landfill.

Misters Watts and Cox fully condoned this illegal outrage, and were recently advised by me that a full, documented complaint will be filed in the near future. Apparently, this upset them.

Lynn Wirtz

Adams County resident