Law enforcement must outlast judge

Published 1:02 am Friday, September 23, 2011

When I unrolled my newspaper a few Fridays ago and read the first headline I saw — “Felon walks free” — I knew who had made this wise decision before I read the article.

This is not a first. A few years ago, two other drug dealers were turned loose with an attempt to clear their records. Some guy wrote an article saying this judge was just equalizing justice. That was the dumbest thing I have ever heard.

There was a judicial review for this, and I think there was one before this. One more may be in order, since this judge turned dealers loose on our children.

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A newspaper reader wrote a letter to the editor saying he apparently approved of turning this latest person loose on our children.

This was not a suspected dealer, he was a convicted felon. The district attorney left out minor charges because a person found with nearly a pound of cocaine, sleeping with a gun on his chest is a major supplier.

Everything was done right until this judge ruled with her personal agenda in play.

Another man that was arrested at the same time did not get off easy.

Everyone has a right to be sick of this judge. I really cannot understand how anybody could vote for this judge.

Metro Narcotics Commander David Lindsey, keep up the good work. Keep your people focused. This judge will not be there forever.

Herbert Braswell

Natchez resident