Flag theft on Main Street a disgrace

Published 12:03 am Sunday, October 2, 2011

During certain times of the year, you may notice extra flags flying in front of businesses in Natchez and Adams County.

These flags are placed there by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9573 in recognition of military engagements and certain other events like POW-MIA day and 9/11.

We (the VFW) request a donation from these businesses $50 per year.

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We, the Veterans of foreign wars, do a number of community service projects with these and other funds we raise. Now to my point!

We have had several flags stolen from Main Street down from Dimples.

The latest thefts were from the weekend of Sept. 16,which was POW-MIA day.

I personally find it very offensive that some low-life would steal in the first place, but words cannot express my disdain for these people that stole the flags from in front of Concordia Bank on Main Street.

I, we, served our country honorably and fought for these symbols of our freedom. Please do not steal from us. The taking of these flags are in our minds a treasonous act, perpetrated by cowards that probably do not have the guts to serve their country themselves.

Now if by chance you have an attack of decency and want to return the flag(s), you may contact me at the Adams County Sheriffs Department, where I am still serving my country!

Major Charles Harrigill

former commander VFW post 9573