Consider science over emotion

Published 12:09 am Sunday, October 16, 2011

A postulate in zoology states, “Ontogeny recapitulates Phylogeny.” This means that the developing fetus goes through all of its previous life forms in its development.

We started our lives as single cells — sperm and egg. They are living, they contain human DNA, but they are not a person. The zygote (union of sperm and egg) is living, contains human DNA, but is not a person.

Cell division continues into multicellular structures such as a blastocoel, the microscopic ball of cells that contains stem cells, which is causing such controversy in harvesting them. Blastocoels are alive, contain human DNA, but are not a person. At this point, the fetus is indistinguishable from that of a sponge or coral.

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Cell division continues. A heartbeat appears, but it is not the four-chambered heart of a human. It is more like that of a fish. The fetus has gill-slits much like a shark that will later develop into the throat, ears, etc. At this point, there is a tail and the fetus is indistinguishable from that of a fish, an amphibian, a reptile or a mammal. It is living, it contains human DNA, but it is not a person.

The next stages of development carry the fetus through beings much like amphibians, then reptiles and birds, and finally mammals. It is alive, it contains human DNA, but it is not a person.

After delivery, the instincts make the infant much like previous life forms. It has all the instincts of apes, i.e. grasping in an attempt to hang on to the fur of its mother. It responds to stimuli such as light, sound, pain, hunger, discomfort, etc. The mother holds the baby to her chest and an unbreakable bond develops between them. It is alive, it contains human DNA, but it is not yet a person (technically speaking).

The skull and brain rapidly expand during the first six months after birth. One day you look at your baby, and your baby looks back at you and smiles. It is alive, it contains human DNA, and it is a person!

Our brain distinguishes us from all other forms of life on Earth.

I am not attempting to condone or condemn abortion. This is a personal decision that only you can make. I am only attempting to explain the science without all of the emotion. People must understand that the decision to have an abortion is an awesome one for the mother and father that will live with them for the rest of their lives. This decision must not be interfered with by outside persons having no involvement in the life or livelihood of the child.

Ed Field

Natchez resident