Generosity helps in our healing

Published 12:04 am Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As hard as it is for us to believe, we buried my oldest son Richard last week.

But the story I need to tell is of the selfless act by an employee of Delta Bank named Carrie Vest. Actually, the story involves the giving heart of bank President Cliff Merritt and all the wonderful work family of Richard’s wife, Revé.

Saturday night, Delta Bank had their annual Christmas party, and Carrie’s name was drawn for the highly coveted vacation package that they draw a name for every year.

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When she got up to accept it, she very graciously forwarded the gift to Revé.

And if that was not an act of kindness enough, the bank agreed to give a second trip this year so Carrie could win also.

So now amid all the grief of losing their loving Daddy, my grandsons Drew, 6, and Scott, 2, are planning a trip to Disney World with their Mom.

We are so grateful to the wonderful people at Delta Bank, and I am giving thanks that I know they will take good care of my sweet daughter-in-law, Revé, when she returns to work.


Ramee Thompson

Natchez resident