Don’t get conned, City of Natchez

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Terri Blackstock’s newest novel entitled “Shadow in Serenity” takes place in fictional Serenity, Texas, where the oil wells are beginning to play out and the ranches are less productive than in the past.

It’s the perfect place for a well-accomplished con man to breeze in with his supposed corporate-backer, King Enterprises, scouting for the perfect town to build a world-class amusement park. All the citizens have to do is prove that their town is the right choice by “investing” their money with him. One thing the con man doesn’t count on is coming up against another ex-con who has become straight and has the best interests of the town at heart.

While reading the novel I couldn’t help but draw the comparison to what is taking place right here in our town.

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Those who make their living by taking from other folks their hard-earned money blow into town and make all kinds of promises, are given lifetime leases on prime taxpayer-owned property and multiple time extensions to “get their ducks in a row.”

Only thing is, their original plans are morphed into something a lot less desirable.

By this time the mayor and board of aldermen should have a clear message that the public thinks we are being set up and ultimately we will be taken … again.

My admiration goes to those individuals who know we are being conned and who brought their concerns before the Mississippi Gaming Commission.


Cathy Moss

Natchez resident