What’s being done about lake levels?

Published 12:07 am Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I have been thinking about writing this letter for about a month now. When I saw an article in the newspaper about the pool stage for Old River, I figured it was time.

I live on Horseshoe Lake and have for 20-plus years. The water is lower than I have ever seen it. I can’t even get my boat to the bank behind my house.

Where is the water? Rumor has it that the farmers are pumping it out. If this is true, do they get to pump out as much as they want? Did they have to get permission? If so, from whom? Was the public informed? Did I miss it? Do they have to pay anything for the water?

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Police jury, will you please look into this situation? Call on the U.S. Corps of Engineers to look into it, too.

As one juror said, “establish a level that would make everyone happy.”

Where is the Black River Lake Commission? Can’t they see the low water levels?

Do they care? Do they ever have public meetings? How long have we been hearing about a gate in the levee, five to 10 years?

How much is the low water level affecting our fishing, recreation and property values? How much would it take to hold the water levels higher?

If the farmers want to pump water for irrigation, OK, but just hold the water level higher before they start their pumps.

If there are any other people that feel the same as I do, now is the time to let somebody know. Call or write your elected officials.

Should I have to spend thousands of dollars to build a pier out into the lake or hire a drag line to dig out the lake, if that’s even legal, just so I can park my boat behind my house?


Tim King

Monterey resident