I can’t find anyone without an ID

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, September 19, 2012

According to the Clarion Ledger, there has been 74 voter frauds registered since the year 2000 in the state of Mississippi. If 74 were caught, how many got by without being detected?

People who steal our votes are liars and thieves, and I hate liars and thieves. To me, they are more widely destructive than rapists and murderers. Rapists and murderers affect only the lives of a very few victims while vote thieves affect the lives of thousands, and even millions of people.

The people of Mississippi voted in 2011 by a 2/3 margin to adopt voter ID in the state. The legislature then enacted a law for it. This law is now being held up by the Justice Department as punishment today for the actions of our grandfathers many years ago. How long must we suffer for the sins of our grandfathers?

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More liars intervene and say things like, “Voter fraud does not exist.” “The poor old folks don’t have access to photo ID.” What are the people who make these statements trying to hide? The answer seems obvious — voter fraud.

I recently had an X-ray in a nearby city. In filling out the forms, I was asked for a photo ID.

I asked the lady, “Why do you want my photo ID for an X-ray?”

She replied, “So we will know you are who you say you are.”

We then got into a little discussion. “Why, I asked do you want to prove my identity for an X-ray that affects only me when you don’t require photo ID for voters whose actions affect thousands of people and their assets?” I refused to show her my ID.

I could tell, at this point, that the attendant was getting hot under the collar. She said, “If you don’t show your ID, we can’t take your X-ray.”

I said, “What if I’m one of the poor old folks who don’t have a photo ID?”

She was getting really distraught, and I gave her my driver’s license. I asked, “Do you have any poor old folks without photo ID’s show up?”

She replied, “No.”

I rest my case about poor old folks and photo ID.

I have pulled this little prank several times in the past when asked for a photo ID to cash a check, etc.

I think if more people would do it, there would be pressure put on the bulldogs at the Justice Department in Washington to let our duly authorized legislation go!


Ed Field

Natchez resident