Malt Shop needs to install barrier

Published 12:12 am Sunday, October 14, 2012

I am not a safety engineer. But as I see it The Malt Shop has a safety problem due to its proximity to the intersection where Martin Luther King Jr. dead-ends into Homochitto/Orleans.

There is no protective barrier shielding the front of The Malt Shop from south-bound drivers on Martin Luther King who lose control of their vehicles.

There is only about 6 feet of curb between the street and the eatery, which was not previously removed for the convenience of customer parking. This piece of curb may have had to remain intact because of a sewer drain.

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I do not know if The Malt Shop owner is solely responsible for providing a barrier to protect her customers and employees. I know that the city is responsible for streets, but I do not know if its responsibility extends to safety barriers.

I wonder about the insurance company’s responsibility, too. After the second crash into the building, will the insurance company make coverage contingent upon protecting the building and people in and around it?

I believe that safety is in our best interest, and I hope that a safety barrier is installed before the Malt Shop reopens for business to better protect its employees and customers.


Lorraine A. Hampton

Natchez resident