We need respect back in our schools

Published 12:02 am Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Whatever your profession, you had a teacher.

Teachers touch the lives of everyone. The stakes are high for teachers. Good teachers are vital. The task of teaching is not an easy job. Even when all classroom management techniques learned are applied, it can still be difficult.

When a teacher takes the time to call a parent on a “planning period” or on a weekend, the situation needs the attention of the parent.

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Most teachers use this approach before seeking administrative assistance.

A teacher’s time is very valuable. Walk a day in a teacher’s shoes, and you’ll understand.

There are parents who are supportive of school officials, including teachers. They attend open house, parent conferences, programs and more. Their children are respectful. Teachers are appreciative of them, without parental support, teaching becomes a very difficult task.

Teachers must have parental involvement to do an effective job.

School officials provide opportunities for working parents to attend conferences and meetings. Conferences are provided after school hours and there are half days of school. Conferences can also be arranged on the teacher’s planning period.

I remember my years as a student at Brumfield Elementary. I recall my teachers having complete control. We sat at our desks, we completed our assignments and we were not going to interfere with the learning process of others.

We respected authority.

Standards are not only high for teachers, but for students as well. Students must be serious and focus.

Students should be allowed to learn and teachers allowed to teach without disruptions.

They deserve that right.

Everyone needs accountability, school officials, parents and students.

The keys for higher test scores and school success include: discipline and respect.


Ella Knight

retired educator