Dogs are faithful, no matter what

Published 12:02 am Friday, December 28, 2012

Thank you, Democrat, for your pictures and story toward saving the life and finding a caring home for the poster dog, Chris.

He’ll now have a family, other dogs with whom to play, and it’s ideal for the Christian spirit of Christmas that for the New Year, he’s now named Joby.

Job endured so much and was eventually saved from torment.

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May more animals like Chris/Joby be saved from cruelty.

People lose so much when they do not feel the loving loyalty of an animal; instead, wrenching wrath on innocents.

The following is a French poem I shared with some hospitalized patients who missed their dogs at Christmas.

The Prayer of the Dog, by Carmen Bernos De Gasztold:


I keep watch!

If I am not here

who will guard their house?

Watch over their sheep?

Be faithful?

No one but you and I


what faithfulness is.

They call me, ‘Good dog! Nice dog!’

Words …

I take their pats

and the old boxes they throw me

and I seem pleased.

They really believe they make me happy.

I take kicks too

when they come my way.

None of that matters.

I keep watch.


do not let me die

until, for them,

all danger is driven away.



Corrine O’Begley

Natchez resident