Cemetery is not a free florist shop

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few weeks ago, I went to Greenlawn Cemetery to visit my husband’s grave and change out his silk flowers. I change them often to keep them looking nice and to be able to use them again. However on this visit, his flowers were gone. These were not just any flowers. They were specially ordered Hawaiian silk that I call pierced hearts. They have red, heart-shaped leaves with a white stamen in the center. I had them arranged by a local florist, and placed them on his grave to honor my husband, and beautify his plot.

I was heartbroken when I saw they were no longer there, the second time in 10 months that they have been taken.

The cemetery is not a free florist nor a supply shop to decorate your home with. The flowers are memorials to departed loved ones! I should not be forced to buy inexpensive flowers to keep them from being stolen. When I noticed they were gone, I contacted the police department, and was referred to the sheriff’s office because the cemetery is in the county. They investigated the matter and assured me that they would be increasing patrols as I am not the only one who has reported thefts from gravesites.

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You may think I am making a big deal out of missing flowers, however, imagine how you would feel if someone desecrated your family member’s grave or stole things you spent money on.

Please keep this in mind when you visit one of our cemeteries and report any unusual activity to the groundskeeper. Thank you!


Diane Forest