Blame is not the fix for Ferriday

Published 12:10 am Friday, February 22, 2013

Glen McGlothin did leave a debt to Waste Management of more than $200,000 when he left office. Mr. McGlothin also had to spend a lot of money to repair and keep the Ferriday water plant running because of the lack of and/or non-existent maintenance during Gene Allen’s previous administration. Due to the financial situation in the Town of Ferriday, it was almost a matter of paying the garbage bill or having water.

Maybe not right, but practical.

The current U.S. president is still pointing a finger at George Bush; but Obama and Allen need to move on!

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Most people can afford the new proposed rates. What we can not afford is the excess of these rates “miss-applied” and end up in the same mess again.

The town aldermen could pass an ordinance that all money collected for garbage would be dedicated to pay for garbage collection only.

The “third party” that collected the water bill would be a good start. They would be sure that the garbage bill is paid and eliminate the possibility of any “sticky fingers.” Any money left over could be returned to the town.

The math that I was taught by Mrs. Edith Davis, one of my great teachers at Ferriday High, does not figure the same as some of the government math.

The figures from The Democrat show that there are approximately 1,240 residents and 110 small business garbage customers in Ferriday.

Current Waste Management rates of $13.72 per unit times 1,350 customers equals to a $18,522-per-month cost of garbage collection. One thousand two hundred forty residents charged $15 equals $18,600, and 110 businesses charged $22 equals $2,420, for a total of $21,020 fees collected by the town. Customer payments of $21,020 minus $18,522 in Waste Management fees should net the town approximately $2,498 profit per month.

If the new proposed rates go into effect, the town will pay Delta Disposal $9.46 per unit times 1,350 customers, costing the town $12,771 per month.

The new rates of $25 times 1,240 residents equals $31,000, and business rates of $32 times 110 businesses equals $3,520, for a combined total of $34,520.

The collections of $34,520 minus $12,771 cost of services equals $21,749 of town profit per month.

The new proposed rates will increase by approximately 67 percent for residents and approximately 46 percent for businesses.

Excessive high rates, less service and no trash containers does not add up. Will the Concordia Parish Correctional Facility have enough prisoners to pick up all the trash that will be scattered by animals?

My figures show that the new rates will net the town approximately $260,988 profit per year. Ten months of the new rates should pay off Waste Management. In effect, if that money is used to pay off that past debt, it would mean that all past garbage customers would be paying “double” for a service they received once. Is it legal for government to charge more than once for a service?

To the residents of Kenya and Lake St. John, do not worry, this problem will not affect you.


Morgan White

Ferriday resident