Cigarette tax would impact economy

Published 12:07 am Friday, March 15, 2013

There is an apparent proposal for a cigarette tax increase of as much as 300 percent in the state of Louisiana. Again, our lawmakers are thinking through the portion of their bodies they sit on.

Can you imagine how this will affect our economy? True, there has always been remarks smoking can cause lung cancer and cause the same to people who do not smoke. I’m not one to challenge the causes smoking promotes, although I have heard many instances where people who began smoking in their teens live to ripe old ages and did not die from lung cancer!

Back to paragraph one: Do our state representatives really realize what the tax of 300 percent increase on tobacco will cause the economy! First the manufacturing of tobacco products will suffer from the drop in the purchasing of the items people will purchase. The decrease in pay to the individuals transporting the products as well as the drop in revenue of gasoline, wholesalers and retailers (will also suffer).

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I’m a firm believer in freedom – the freedom to do what you want, legally, and the freedom to choose to smoke as long as you don’t infringe on the rights of others. Butt, pardon the pun, go ahead lawmakers — kill the economy with your outlandish proposals!

This letter is being sent to state representatives who should take heed — elections do happen, and constituents do vote! Watch your P’s and Q’s! To voice your opinion, call 866-366-1121. This is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s office number.

P.S. I talked to Josh at the Louisiana Governor’s office and he responded quite nicely to my call. I got the impression my comments would be forwarded to the appropriate source(s)!


Mike Straczuk