Expansion part of our commitment

Published 12:08 am Tuesday, September 3, 2013

At Genesis Energy, we are excited to be part of the economic growth in Natchez with our rail loading and unloading facility. Mississippi offers a strong business climate for energy development with a high quality workforce. The support of the Mississippi Development Authority, Natchez, Inc., the Port of Natchez and Adams County has been critical to our decision to locate and expand our operations.

Genesis Energy is in the energy transportation business. While the majority of our crude oil transportation is handled by pipelines, we see crude by rail as a fast growing market. We believe the rail market will continue to see strong growth because of the current shortage in pipeline capacity to meet the needs of moving supply from the North American shale energy revolution.

Because of the tremendous growth in crude by rail, we made a strategic decision to build and expand our rail facility in Natchez based on its unique location on the Mississippi River and near Gulf Coast refineries, allowing us the flexibility to the move crude from Canada to the Gulf Coast refineries. Locating the facility in Natchez gives us optimum flexibility in meeting our customers’ transportation needs as we can combine rail transport and storage with our other modes of transportation including pipeline, truck and barge.

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The railroad is an important part of Natchez’s economic development. With our rail expansion, we look forward to a long and robust future in Natchez and increasing our contribution to the local economy.


Steve Nathanson

President and COO, Genesis Energy