Is the IRS a complete joke?

Published 12:01 am Friday, September 6, 2013

Ahh yes, the IRS, which rhymes with taxes. Thanks to federal laws, I no longer pay income tax due to my age. However, throughout portions of my 72 years, I submitted a portion of my income to both federal and state taxes as well as Social Security. Oh yes, we need the IRS to pay for all our governmental bills! Sometimes I wonder if our taxes are being utilized properly!

Now, is the IRS a joke? Allow me to present to you that this is a possibility. What you see is very true! This poor fellow who’s real name is simply R.B. Jones. His first report of his income to the IRS reflected his name. Weeks later, he received a letter from the IRS requesting his full name and not initials. He replied R.B. Jones. Here we go, they replied in Three Stooges fashion! Are you ready? Ronly Bonly Jones. This commanding repair of the IRS language originated from R(only) B(only) Jones!

OK, point made, the IRS is a joke!

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Mike Straczuk

Vidalia resident