Burr arraigned in Washington

Published 12:05 am Sunday, November 3, 2013

While I was walking near the Cock of the Walk, I read the historical display that is part of the Natchez Trails.

I was quite shocked that one of the items stated that Aaron Burr was arraigned for treason in Natchez in 1807. Aaron Burr was actually arraigned in the nearby town of Washington in 1807.

Washington served as the Mississippi Territorial Capital from 1802 to 1817. During that short period, Washington was the chief rival of Natchez and the most famous event that happened during that period was Aaron Burr’s arraignment hearing.

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I think that the Natchez Trails is a great asset to the city, but I do not understand why there was not more effort put into researching such a famous event as the Aaron Burr arraignment hearing. I hope this situation is eventually rectified.

H. Clark Burkett, Adams County