Special thanks goes to Ward 2’s Gray

Published 12:01 am Wednesday, November 27, 2013

People in general are more apt to be thankful during this season of the year. We are looking forward to the holidays, giving and receiving gifts, sharing and remembering good times with family and friends.

What happens to the remaining 10 months of the year? We seem to forget or just not think much about the sacrifices, giving and kind deeds all year long.

One that is deserving of such thanks all year long is City of Natchez Ward 2 Alderman Ricky Gray.

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Whatever the occasion, event or gathering, he is usually found present. When called upon concerning a matter, city-related or not, he comes to our aid.

He does things as simple, yet important, as sweeping broken glass from the street after an accident has occurred, directing traffic until law enforcement arrives, calling for help or a mere “How are you doing?”

His presence in the hour of bereavement is welcomed in most instances. His motivation is the ability to help someone just when needed. Some may not agree with his methods, but he makes every attempt to get the job done.

Alderman Gray, we thank you for giving of yourself to the people of Ward 2 and the City of Natchez and Adams County and surrounding areas.

Have a happy Thanksgiving.

Mary Ann Carradine

Natchez resident