Natchez delivers first-class treatment

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Recently, my wife and I were sailing to New Orleans on the beautiful “American Queen.”

Unfortunately an injury to my hand needed urgent medical treatment. The boat docked at midnight in Natchez, where an ambulance took me first to the Natchez Regional Medical Center Emergency Department and later to a private room.

The surgeon successfully repaired my hand the next day. After a few days I was discharged, and we resumed our trip to New Orleans by road.

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The medical treatment was first class, but what was outstanding was the help my wife and I received from the support staff and other people of Natchez.

We missed seeing the beauties of Natchez, but we were left with happy memories of the kind people of Natchez.


Noel and Rosemary McAskill

Sydney, Australia