Some drivers caused problems in snow

Published 12:05 am Sunday, February 2, 2014

I just could not pass up the opportunity to address a couple of articles in Thursday’s The Natchez Democrat.

One is the closing of the Mississippi River bridge because “too dangerous for a lot of people to travel on.”

Same ole same ole — shut it down because of the few that probably have no business driving anyway.

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Did the police department not know that some drivers were questionable?

Look at some of the serious accidents of the past on the Vidalia strip. Maybe the Louisiana Drivers License Bureau could hire more staff and test more often.

Maybe the police department should quadruple fines and cull some of those drivers.

The other is “Our Opinion” in the Democrat. Why spend money on something that will rust before the next snowstorm, if we are indeed into the Global Warming Mode?

Let’s reduce unemployment and help the economy. These are revolutionary at best.

The state can purchase oil-filled heaters for every home in the county. Be sure that they supply the correct gauge extension cord so as not to burn the house down.

Both items must be made in the USA, provide 24-hour call-in services and delivery of medicine and groceries.

A home-bound individual can call in a list of needed food or medicine, and the city can pick it up and deliver it.

About everyone has a DVD player. The Post Office can purchase the abandoned Budweiser building and house tens of thousands of DVDs.

The post office can then hire a driver and extra carrier.

The post person can deliver the mail and the carrier can deliver the DVDs and pick them up.

That would be money better spent.

Makes more sense than the way it is being spent at present.

While you are writing about Al Gore, don’t forget he also invented the Internet.

Joe Frank