Drug court should help with employment

Published 12:02 am Sunday, February 9, 2014

Does the drug court have a program to assist those involved to find employment? It seems to me that they have little or no chance to find employment. Once a prospective employer runs a background verification, he or she will in all probability not be hired.

The drug court program is approximately three years long to graduate. This is a long time to have no chance to work and pay the court fees involved.

Can they leave the county or state to have a better chance to find employment? Finding a job in Natchez is, at best, poor!

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Can the system be involved some way to help those who made a mistake and need help rather than penalize them by making it nearly impossible to get a job? Going through the program and having to attend the required meetings weekly to work their way up and graduate is very difficult.

Most of those involved are young and are aware of their mistakes. I am sure many of us have made a wrong turn here or there. It seems we can punish them but when it comes to helping them, there is little or none.

John Sauls