Sojourner’s stand deserves applause

Published 12:05 am Sunday, April 6, 2014

I applaud the stand of state senator Melanie Sojourner against the “let’s use other people’s money” crowd of Butch Brown, Bob Dearing and Thad Cochran.

“Other people’s money,” whether it is through the pay day loans our city council votes itself every year, a questionable grant for a train depot or through a state bond issue is our money. It is borrowed money for which we as a people have to pay interest in hard earned taxpayer dollars.

The position of The Natchez Democrat on this issue makes no sense. First you say that you appreciate Senator Sojourner’s position but then you qualify your statement by saying “but not if it’s my worthy project.”

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This is just the kind of wrongheaded thinking that has this locality, state and nation in the perilous financial condition they are in.

All senator Sojourner is saying is that if we don’t want to eventually bankrupt ourselves, the borrowing has got to stop sometime, and that time is now.


Gary O’Neal