Combining hospitals is right move

Published 12:18 am Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The health care industry is one of the largest membership categories of the Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce, and it plays an important role in supporting the operations and growth of businesses in our region. Strengthening our local health care system is vital to maintaining the health of our community. That’s why I’m pleased with last week’s news about the consolidation of our community’s two hospitals into a single, stronger facility.

As any chamber member could tell you, health care has changed dramatically in the past decade. Not only have advances in care reduced the need for long hospital stays in favor of outpatient care, but changes in health care costs and regulations have affected the way both employers and individuals get health insurance coverage, and it’s altered the way people seek treatment. It’s no secret that both of our hospitals, like hospitals everywhere, faced challenges related to these industry developments. And rather than continue to forge ahead separately, they have wisely been brought together.

Combining the talent and resources of our hospitals under one roof will create a stronger and more stable hospital that will be better able to meet the needs of our local residents and business community. I think this is the right move for Natchez, and I hope all of my neighbors join me in supporting this project as it moves forward and chooses to stay in Natchez for our healthcare needs.

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Debbie Hudson

President Natchez-Adams County Chamber of Commerce