What exactly is gun control for us?

Published 12:05 am Friday, October 10, 2014

Gun control. What is gun control? Is it the ability to control the gun during target practice or the ability to control the gun in order to commit a crime?

I am under the impression it means to control the sale of weapons. Now, I am an advocate of having the right to bear arms. Having served both in the military and law enforcement, I have gained the respect of a gun of any size, shape and power.

Another point of this letter is the types of weapons being sold. In the Oct. 4 issue of The Natchez Democrat, there was a sales paper showing the various weapons available to the public. I grimace at the fact some of these weapons are too military in appearance.

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There are law enforcement agencies that do not have the types shown.

Again, I am for the right to have a gun for hunting, personal protection and just for the sake of gun collections.

However, I do not agree to the sale of the types of weapons that are available to the public. They are too militaristic with way too much power for ordinary use by the public.

My two favorite weapons are the Winchester 30/30 lever action and the Smith & Wesson 38 caliber special.

Good luck and be safe with yours.


Mike Straczuk

Natchez resident