City finances shouldn’t be big issue

Published 12:05 am Sunday, October 19, 2014

Why does the city of Natchez have so much trouble with a budget, tracking bills and funds and passing an audit?

Didn’t we hire two information technology guys and two CPA/bookkeepers to straighten this out some time ago?

I have a master of business administration degree and have been in three successful businesses. I cannot understand why our business does not stay ready to be audited on a daily basis.

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Bank accounts have to be balanced on a daily basis. You must know how much you owe and how you plan to pay those bills. If the boy who delivers your paper in the morning understands this, why can’t our city fathers?

When is there going to be an end to this financial comic soap opera?

Hey, I’m just a taxpayer. That’s my money you are playing with.


Henry R. Gaude

Natchez resident