Prayers, donations much appreciated

Published 12:06 am Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hannah Fleming, 91, Edna Garrett, 58, and Erica Garrett, 26, awoke to a house fire early Monday morning, Nov. 3, at their home on Duck Pond Road in Fenwick.

Edna heard a loud popping noise that woke her up and when she opened her bedroom door, she was faced with a thick fog of black smoke and fire.

Edna was very afraid but apparently did not panic. She started screaming, “get up, get up, the house is on fire.” Edna helped everyone to safety and then she used the house phone to call 911 as they stood outside in the cold with only their night clothes on their back. Edna deserves a medal of honor for her heroic life-saving actions.

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The Natchez Fire Department arrived shortly afterward and extinguished the fire as the family stood emotionally by and watched everything they own go up in flames. Though we are sad about the things we lost in the fire, we are praising God for his diving protection. A house is just a house, if there is no one there. Material things can be replaced, but life is priceless.

As long as have life in our body, there is hope for a brighter future. The Fleming family is planning to rebuild our family home and continue our legacy of a family that prays together, stays together. Divided we fall, but together we stand.

Hannah Fleming is 90 years old, mother of 14 children, a devout Christian who has been a faithful member of both Wendy Hill Baptist Church of Cranfield and Mt. Pilgrim Baptist Church of Fenwick. Her life has been filled with tragedies over the past three years.

We are soliciting your prayers and donations throughout the rebuilding process.

Donations can be made at Regions Bank to the “Hannah Fleming Benefit Account.”


Barbara Fleming Williams

Natchez resident