Measures need to be taken to survive

Published 12:04 am Friday, December 12, 2014

For a number of years now, our government has been espousing the theory that global warming is being cause by human activities, principally carbon dioxide being released by cars and trucks as well as the coal generating electrical plants.

A few years ago it was sulfur dioxide that was the culprit, but the coal industry has seemingly eliminated that problem.

This government sponsored theory has created billions of dollars of grants to solar start-ups, and other alternative energy companies, which in turn has created billions of kick-backs to Democrat politicians.

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Now our president and secretary of state call the global warming issue the major threat to our world.

This could naturally have caused the mid-term election results, since there may not have been enough financial support and kick-backs for the Democrat politicians that were running for office.

There is a new book that has come out recently that claims with thorough scientific research that the world is cohesively involved with the sun, and that the sun goes through cycles of cooling and warming.

The author, John L. Casey, was for years one of NASA’s top scientists and after retiring from NASA, has been with the Space and Science Research Corporation.

He had spent a number of years doing his research along with others who have determined that since 1998 the earth has begun to cool; not warming, but cooling.

The sun is undergoing a cooling cycle, which is in turn reflected by a cooling cycle on earth.

The present cooling cycle will last for another 30 years, with the most critical times coming around 2031.

With the earth’s crust cooling, there will be an abundance of earthquake and volcanic activities, which we are seeing now. These will grow. The book’s name is “Dark Winter.” It is a short read with only 45 pages or so of disclosures, but with 115 more pages of references to scientific research studies.

Personally, I have witnessed lots of pollution in my lifetime and am dead set against any polluting.

By describing the brown cloud that covered the water several miles out from Long Beach/San Pedro Harbors from my spot on a Navy minesweeper, to seeing the same smog completely engulfing the Grand Canyon so much so that you could not see the Colorado River below or the opposite side of the canyon, left me mad.

The same conditions exist in China today and, of course, they are not doing anything about it. Watching tugs hauling barge loads of trash out into the Atlantic from New York City to dump it all in the ocean is and was mind-boggling. I can see the other side of the pollution argument, but it has nothing to do with carbon dioxide, which happens to be the only stimulant besides the sun for plant growth.

Alternate energy sources are fine if they become economical, but there are increasing numbers of people who need to live on this earth, and so a balanced approach needs to take place in order for us all to survive.

The great smog from the Los Angeles area has been pretty much alleviated by the platinum installed in the car and truck mufflers and cleaner gas without sulfur. The money the government wastes on global warming can be better spent on infrastructure and defense.


Andrew Peabody

Natchez resident