Liberals stirring up police brutality issue

Published 12:25 am Sunday, December 14, 2014

There are only two ways to get people to behave — respect and fear. All of this razzle-dazzle that is occurring today between police and suspects is because of the lack of both. If you don’t respect the uniform, only a fool would ignore his weapon.

All of the situations that I have seen include disobedience to police orders. Trayvon Martin ignored George Zimmerman, Michael Brown ignored officer Darren Wilson and Eric Garner ignored the orders of the police in New York City. The media then shows Trayvon as a cute young teenager, while he was in fact a fully-grown youth who attempted a “knock-out punch” on an auxiliary police officer. Brown was displayed as a wonderful young man who was shot in the back while in reality, he had his head down, attempting to tackle the officer. Brown was in the process of selling cigarettes on one of several occasions that he had been arrested for doing so. If these people had only obeyed the police, they would all be alive today.

Admittedly, there are stupid laws. Selling cigarettes in New York without paying the $6 tax is one of them. Cigarettes have now gotten so expensive that they are being sold on the black market. Regardless of how crazy the law may be, only an absolute idiot would argue with the police. If you don’t believe it, the next time you get pulled over for speeding, just jump out and start a fight. This may be your last conscious act.

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Some things don’t stink until they are stirred with a stick, and racism is one of these things. To make things even worse there are race stirrers who make their living by causing disturbance and discord. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are stick stirring dinosaurs who have made their fortunes on the backs of indigent, naive people. As for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, turn the IRS loose on them. This would get the tax people into a productive venture of reclamation. Al Sharpton owes a reported $3 million in back taxes. Getting out of this little jam should take up all of his time and keep him off the streets.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder are not trying to cool down this hot subject; they are, along with the liberal media, the stick stirrers in-charge. I see all this as just another crisis in the Obama administration to divert attention off of the worst president in American history.


Ed Field

Natchez resident