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Published 12:05 am Friday, December 19, 2014

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted in response to another letter titled “Liberals stirring up police brutality issue” that published in the Sunday, Dec. 14, edition of The Natchez Democrat.

Your so-called liberals are not stirring up police brutality.

Mr. Fields, if these things happened to a loved one of yours, would you still express the same opinion? I’m sure you would have sympathy then. Regardless, they were someone’s loved ones. I have read your biased letters before, and I could not pass this one up. Police brutality and racism are alive and well. Yes, some things people do are wrong, but that should not give police officers the authority to give unarmed citizens automatic death penalties, should it? The courts should be able to decide if a crime took place instead of them being killed before due process.

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Trayvon Martin was not doing anything wrong. He was simply trying to go home alive.

George Zimmerman was not a sworn police officer. Even if he was, we was not justified in killing the unarmed, black teen.

Speaking of obeying law enforcement, if my memory serves me correctly, the 9-1-1 dispatcher told Zimmerman not to follow and that real authorities were en route.

From what the media says, Eric Garner sold cigarettes but, was not selling them that day. He had just broken up a fight. Yet, they chose to ignore the call in reference to the fight and went straight to harass him.

The officer chose to ignore his department’s policy on banning chokeholds. Which, in fact, makes him negligent.

Michael Brown should not have been fatally wounded while unarmed.

Neither one of us where eyewitnesses. So it seems the officers, too, have a problem following rules.

Last, but not least, I must address your comment about the Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson because we have a NAN (National Action Network) chapter in Natchez.

So, I defend my founder and CEO. If they do owe taxes, they are not lone rangers. They will not be first, last or only.

Have you never done anything wrong in your life? Are you perfect?

If President Obama and Mr. Eric Holder are the worst, then what about former President Nixon and Watergate, former President Bush and senseless wars and other non-liberal presidents?

I am not a racist, but I have a problem with those who are. I believe in justice and equality.

Some people are so full of hatred that they can’t even say President Obama. Just because we look different does not mean we should be treated differently.

Were you that fly on the wall? Because you act like you were there.

Hello and goodbye.


Jacqueline Marsaw

Natchez resident