Thanks for special 150th anniversary section

Published 2:11 am Sunday, November 15, 2015

Congratulations on the 150th Anniversary of the founding of The Democrat. Your anniversary section in (the Nov. 1) paper is a real keeper. I enjoyed every word of it.

I love to being the day with the reading of The Democrat. I went to live in Franklin County as a bride in 1950. I loved the country, but there was no early morning newspaper delivery. You know I grew up in Natchez. I loved the country, but it has been a great joy to live in town again (since 2002) and have the paper delivered to my door.

There are many wonderful stories in the paper – the stark dramatic black black headlines that announced WAR ENDS in 1945. There was also that dramatic announcement in December 1941, after the bombing on Pearl Harbor.

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Congratulations and Happy Birthday.


—Joan M. McLemore, Natchez


We so enjoyed reading the special supplement celebrating the 150th anniversary of The Natchez Democrat. Thank you for taking us down memory lane in such a memorable way. I loved seeing the photo of the original Democrat building. I remember when it burned. I was amazed that the Lamberts did not miss a beat in publishing the newspaper out of town. The family was admired and respected by other leaders in the journalism world, and everybody wanted to help during that tragic time.


—Carolyn Vance Smith, Natchez


Accolades for the special anniversary section. The Natchez Democrat has certainly chronicled many, many important events. Since I have been reading The Democrat daily for over 75 years, I do remember many of the events. (It is amazing how much happens in a lifetime!) I always know approximate dates, but now I have exact dates from the reprinted articles from the past. The section must have required many hours of work on the part of staff.

Many thanks for producing an outstanding history of the past 150 years as recorded in our local paper. We are indeed fortunate to have a local newspaper to enjoy with a cup of coffee every morning of the week!

Please convey my appreciation to all staff members who contributed to the keepsake.


—Mary Eidt, Natchez


Please accept my high praise for the 150th anniversary edition. What a treasure for your readers to see decade-by-decade accounts of the great events that have transpired in those years. Please extend my congratulations to your staff.

As a former long-time newspaper editor and publisher, I know how much work went into such a fine publication.


—G. Mark LaFrancis, Natchez


That was a terrific trip down memory lane for the Natchez history and The Democrat. As a tour guide, I will add it to my bag of info and pictures. Only downside, I showed my age by how many of the events that I remember! Thanks for a wonderful way to start a rainy day!


—Maria Bowser, Natchez