Be informed before you vote

Published 12:12 am Sunday, February 28, 2016

From national down to local, elections are supposed to be for the people to put the most qualified person in a position. This is regardless of race, creed, religious belief, gender, or party affiliation. Too many times, people are chosen on these characteristics alone.

Before people go vote, they should do some homework and research. Get to know the candidates and their platform. What kind of character do they have? How do they plan to improve the situation by holding the office they are running for? If a candidate can’t tell someone what he or she stands for or what their specific plans are, they are winging it. If someone votes for them, they are winging it. By doing that, they are jeopardizing all of us.

When someone votes for a candidate because they are a friend or family member or because they just dislike the other candidate for some personal reason, that is not an informed vote, that’s a wasted vote. If we want our situation to improve or continue to grow, we must make informed decisions based on facts, not personal feelings.

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As far as the upcoming Vidalia elections on March 5, I personally like all the candidates. I’ve known many of them for years and consider all of them friends. This does not mean they are ready or capable to lead. I agree with some platforms, disagree with others. Some haven’t been able to explain their platform. Some are running for the right reasons, others are not.

I have already cast my vote, based on the candidates that have best fit my criteria of who is best for Vidalia-as a town and a community. I pray everyone else in Vidalia will do their due diligence and select the candidates who have the heart, drive, experience, and willingness to make the right decisions for us all — for Vidalia.


Bruce L. Wiley

Vidalia Resident