Hospital would be boost for Vidalia

Published 12:08 am Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Old adage, “location-location-location,” bets points to Riverland Hospital. Let’s take this into consideration. Leave the hospital in Ferriday. Got that so far?

Now, let’s look at the prospect of purchasing “The Square” across from Walmart in Vidalia at a much lower price than what is being asked! This would surely influence a commodity such as a hospital which in turn would hire more qualified people and be of great monetary value to Vidalia!

This hospital would be an alternate and service more people in the local area.

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This is very important: Instead of sitting around the round table like King Arthur’s Knight s who are discussing what should be served for dinner which delays the more important issues like what size should the addition to the castle be.

So folks, get away from the table and start finalizing the plans for the hospital in Vidalia.

Get on, move on, because the hospital would be a great boost to the community.

Mike Straczuk, Vidalia