Historic Greenwood hotel will likely be torn down

Published 9:34 am Wednesday, April 18, 2018

GREENWOOD, Miss. (AP) — A historic Mississippi building has been deemed unrepairable and will likely be torn down.

The Greenwood Commonwealth reported Tuesday that the Midway Hotel in downtown Greenwood will likely be demolished.

Mayor Carolyn McAdams says a structural engineer reported that another historic structure has deteriorated but could be salvaged.

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The buildings fall under an ordinance requiring their owners to preserve them “against decay and deterioration and free from unreasonable structural defects.”

If the city’s Historic Preservation Commission determines the buildings are being “demolished by neglect” property owners would have another 60 days to complete repairs or could face misdemeanor charges.

Although it’s unlikely the owners would be charged if they don’t have the finances to maintain the structures, official say “demolition by neglect” places the financial burden on the city.