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Grafted tomatoes give gardeners luscious taste with healthier plants

The great horticulturist Luther Burbank might be astounded with the tomato trend sweeping the world. Read more

Don’t let yellow vegetables squash you

It’s summertime in the Miss-Lou, as evidenced by the fact that in the last week I have eaten one fresh from the vine tomato and ... Read more

Help me help area families learn how to eat and be healthy

This past weekend I learned about a new program from a company that is based on a healthier diet and lifestyle. Read more

Cool down beach trip with drinks

In the midst of grocery-list making for the upcoming Hall/Aldredge beach trip, I decided it was time to start planning our beverages for the week. ... Read more

Risotto is great for beach trip

This past holiday season was a new experience for me. On neither Thanksgiving nor Christmas were all three of my children and their spouses able ... Read more

Control your pests organically

Organic gardening is gaining in popularity at a rapid pace. The most frequently asked question by organic gardeners is how to control common garden pests ... Read more

Events show worrying is foolish

My children’s favorite phrase to say to me is, “Don’t worry about it,” because I am a self-proclaimed worrier. Read more

Grow your gardens from seeds

Tender kale leaves, some red and green mesclun mixed lettuces, crispy purple carrots, a snip of dill and my salad was ready. Read more

Remember to love every day

A dozen eggs, a dozen doughnuts, a dozen roses. Twelve, is such a nice round number and used everyday. Sometimes it seems like a lot, like ... Read more

Try these easy recipes this year

Tired of holiday cooking, but still have folks to feed as we move into a new year and Mardi Gras season? Read more

Don’t forget about the cranberries

Tell a friend to name their top five ingredients for the holidays. Read more

Give your favorite gardeners Christmas gifts that will last a lifetime

Christmas shopping for gardeners is easy, because rarely do gardeners have enough tools. Read more

Easy dishes for friends

The holidays are upon us, and you’re probably scratching your head over something to give your friends. My favorite answer to this dilemma is a ... Read more

Wrap up the table with these dishes

It’s difficult to believe that Thanksgiving 2012 is already here. If you still need one side dish and perhaps a dessert, here are two of ... Read more

Cranberry and orange are scents of season

Once the balloon races come to town my thoughts turn to fall. After balloon races, we have Halloween, and then it’s head-first into Thanksgiving and ... Read more

Our South is not like their South

I had the good fortune Monday night to attend the annual Chamber of Commerce Gala. The Chamber did an excellent job of hosting the event ... Read more

Cool morning air means hot soup’s on

I know I am counting my chickens before they hatch and am also probably jinxing this beautiful weather, but here it goes anyway. There has ... Read more

Go for a dip this season

It’s tailgating time and my family couldn’t be happier. Read more

Nothing beats good bread

My friend Maria and I went to Dallas two weekends ago to see my daughter Holly play in the blondes vs. brunettes powder puff football ... Read more

Pink and blonde have power

People stop me and ask questions about recipes I’ve run, and often they point out that I never write about my kids anymore. Read more

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