Cool morning air means hot soup’s on

I know I am counting my chickens before they hatch and am also probably jinxing this beautiful weather, but here it goes anyway. There has ... Read more | Add your comment

Go for a dip this season

It’s tailgating time and my family couldn’t be happier. Read more | Add your comment

Nothing beats good bread

My friend Maria and I went to Dallas two weekends ago to see my daughter Holly play in the blondes vs. brunettes powder puff football ... Read more | Add your comment

Pink and blonde have power

People stop me and ask questions about recipes I’ve run, and often they point out that I never write about my kids anymore. Read more | Add your comment

Cinco de Mayo can be very tasty

This Saturday is the fifth of May or as you probably know it, Cinco de Mayo. In the aftermath of the Mexican-American War from 1846-48) ... Read more | Add your comment

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